Friday, June 10, 2011

Dream on flying

It all began as an utterly innocent experiment on someone's hookah, to follow a mid-afternoon of rather not that elegant boozing over colourful vials of liquid. It was more like a laboratory. There was dancing in the streets, a busy bazaar of people, and I was going somewhere but I couldn't recall whereto. So I felt like soaring soaring toward the drifting and twirling clouds. In awe of my newly acquired vision, I flew the top part of a dragster car's motor, streamlined Satan-style wings and rocket boots, among some hard to name things  a cyborg seraph. The scenery and laws of nature bent kaleidoscopically. I had good time. =x) Then I wasted the dream by rescuing George Clooney falling from the sky and woke up sweating.

P.S.   I've grown quite irritated with the constant changes and the increasingly cumbersome service introduced by Spotify, and moved back to more diversified listening. Since Google's Music service hasn't reached Europe yet, Youtify isn't such a bad addition at all.

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